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We are a European Spain-based company with over 50 years experience manufacturing portable electrical wall chasing machines. These are machines especially designed to open chases (Wall Cutting) in walls and partition walls to embed electrical wires, plumbing pipes, TV & air-conditioning conduits, etc.
Such specialization has allowed us to be the leading brand in the Industry with our top quality, reliable and innovative products.
Currently the MACROZA brand is present in more than 30 countries worldwide. Despite being quite different markets they all have a common feature: The need of saving cost & time in the construction projects by doing faster and cleaner chases in walls and partition walls.
MACROZA Wall Chasing machines make exceptionally easy, clean and fast the chasing job (Wall Cutting) in walls and partition walls due to its exclusive design and outstanding performance. They are the ideal tools for professional contractors, easing the hard work of embedding wires, conduits and pipes for the electrical, plumbing, heating and air conditioning industries.

Why work with MACROZA?

>> Timesaver: More metres, less time
Fastest wall chasing machine on the market
>> No breakage, clean chases
Achieve clean, lean chases in one cut only
>> Attaches itself to the wall
MACROZA’s weight is not borne by the operator
>> Built to last
Low machine maintenance

>> A cost-efficient chasing solution
Save up to 80% in time & materials
>> Less fuss, less dust
Does not grind the material avoiding dust production
>> Most powerful in the market
Works on materials other wall chasers cannot
>> Maximum security
Exclusive accident- free design

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