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COMANSA cranes build a luxury residential complex in Nigeria

Contractor ITB Nigeria is using 6 COMANSA cranes for the construction of the "Azuri Peninsula" apartments, developed by Eko Development Company in a brand new city on reclaimed land in Lagos

The keys of the 244 luxury apartments of the "Azuri Penisnula" complex will be amongst the first couple to be handed over of the entire Eko Atlantic project, a spectacular business and residential city under construction on an artificial peninsula in Lagos, the Financial Capital of Nigeria. The State of Lagos and the Chagoury Group are leading this ambitious project that will allow Africa’s most populated country to gain around 10 square kilometres of land that was lost to the Atlantic Ocean, hoping to create an important business hub for the entire continent.

"Azuri Peninsula" is being built at the Marina District, one of the new ten districts of this city and the one that will concentrate most of its leisure opportunities. There are six COMANSA cranes working in this project all which belong to the fleet of the turnkey contractor ITB Nigeria FZE. The machines, all with flat-top design and maximum load capacity of 18 and 20 tonnes, are taking on the construction of the three towers that form the complex, of more than 140 metres in height and up to 32 floors.

The COMANSA cranes at "Azuri Peninsula" are now working at their maximum height, reaching the tallest up to 163.5 metres.

Author: Paul Kattar / ITB Nigeria

This luxury complex will be amongst the first couple to be delivered at Eko Atlantic City.

Author: Paul Kattar / ITB Nigeria

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