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COMANSA upgrades models 21LC660 and 21LC750

These large Flat-Top tower cranes increase their maximum load capacity up to 50 tonnes (110,230 lb), among other improvements

Summary of the improvements of 21LC660 and 21LC750 models:
• Increase of the loads, including maximum load capacity: 25, 37.5 and 50 tonnes / 55,120, 82,670 and 110,230 lb (Not applies in model 21LC660 20 t - 44,090 lb).
• New modular counterjib design for reduced radius.
• Optional 90-metre jib length for special projects (295.3 ft).
• New 132 kW / 177 hp hoist mechanism (Not applies in model 21LC660 20 t - 44,090 lb).
• Increase of hoist speeds in the 110 kW mechanisms (148 hp) thanks to the Effi-Plus System.
• Larger wire rope capacity.

Full notice in attached file

COMANSA’s models 21LC660 and 21LC750 improve their performance significantly.

Ambos modelos aumentan su carga máxima hasta las 50 toneladas, entre otras mejoras.


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