RUBI 70anniversary
  • RUBI 70anniversary

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RUBI Celebrates its 70th Anniversary renovating its visual identity

RUBI Group has been bringing solutions to the tiler in the 5 steps of the ceramic laying process since 1951.

RUBI Brand renovates inside and out, maintaining the construction professional in the centre of its strategy, as well as the values that characterise it.

Rubí (Barcelona), 8th April 2021. The origin of the RUBI Group dates back to 1951 with the invention of the first manual tile cutter in history, nicknamed RUBI. This tool was invented by the Boada brothers to give a solution to the bricklayers who, at that time, used to cut the thick decorative tiles made of cement with a hammer and an awl.
During these 70 years of RUBI’s history, the brand has continually innovated to provide an answer to any need a ceramic tile installer may have, which are usually linked to the evolution of materials and new trends in the construction sector. RUBI tools solutions cover the 5 steps of the tiling process (prepare, cut&drill, set, grout and clean), with a high-quality product.
Currently, RUBI Works with more than 1,000 references and the 60% of the products that appear in 2021 catalogue have been developed during the last 5 years by R&D and Product Development engineering teams of RUBI Group, showing the company’s faith in innovation and leadership as key pillars of the brand’s success.
At present, RUBI Group has immersed itself in an updated business strategy which aims to differentiate the RUBI Brand and make it even more recognized internationally, in any part of the world and by any tile installer. Therefore, the corporation has also developed a branding Project and is now presenting its new visual identity to make a qualitative leap in all the communication elements around the RUBI brand.
At the same time, it reaffirms its proximity with the end user, maintaining the construction professional in the centre of its strategy. And, lastly, the company intends to keep increasing its international Brand awareness, not only in the manual cutters range, but also in the rest of its product categories.
RUBI Group, with a team made of more than 600 professionals, is made up of 11 subsidiaries all around the world, 3 production centres as well as a fourth in its initial stages and has brand presence in more than 120 countries. The multinational opts to keep bringing innovative solutions to the ceramic layer, offering continuous training and, contributing in this way, to professionalize the construction sector.

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