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TCI Cutting launches its new corporate website

TCI Cutting launches its new corporate website in response to the current needs of the industrial cutting sector in a digital environment

Valencia (Spain), 29 September, 2020.- TCI Cutting world benchmark in industrial laser and waterjet cutting solutions, Taylor-made automation systems and production management intelligent software (TCI Manager), launches its new corporate website in response to the current needs of customers in the industrial cutting sector in a digital environment.
The new website has been developed on a platform totally oriented to the needs of the industrial sector of the future, where the ease of communication, connection and navigation with users prevails and the differential value of the technology of the machines, the automation systems and ithe ntelligent software of TCI Cutting becomes clear, with a direct business benefit as a result of the implementation of this all in the factory.
The goal of the new website is to improve usability, be more intuitive and concise, facilitating the search for information for the user and offering, at higher speed and image quality, the specific content sought. In this way, the user support process is improved and simplified. The contents of the web are aligned with the corporate values ​​of TCI Cutting, that is, being a long-term technological partner, commitment to technological innovation, offering customized solutions to clients and be a trusted expert in the sector thanks to its 20 years of experience and project development in more than 28 countries.
This renewal reaffirms the digital evolution in the relationship with all clients worldwide. TCI Cutting facilitates the digital connection with companies in the industrial sector that want to adapt to the new demands of a market
highly competitive, changing and modern, and that want to make a leap in the optimization of the production process through cutting-edge industrial cutting technology, flexible automation and intelligent software that allow a simple, comprehensive and optimized management of future production plants., in short, that want to become a Smart Factory.
The future is now, new corporate claim
TCI Cutting develops production engineering projects in different industrial sectors and countries, always collaborating closely with clients in order to adapt them to the new digital reality. Under this prism, the company publishes its corporate claim, The future is now, to convey the message of an extremely demanding current market that requests more than ever the modernization of factories in terms of productivity, efficiency and competitiveness. This demand is immediate, now, that is why its claim reinforces this message and echoes it.
Machines are intelligent, their maintenance is predictive and 24/7, automation is a key factor for competitiveness of the industrial fabric, response times to customers are reduced to historical lows, factories can be easily managed and optimized from anywhere outside facilities thanks to state-of-the-art intelligent softwares, in conclusion, the future is here. TCI Cutting is an expert in this process of digital modernization of companies and accompanies its clients in its development, so that it takes place in the simplest, fastest, most efficient and flexible way possible, and always oriented to the specific needs of every customer.
20 years of experience
TCI Cutting is 20 years old and makes its experience available to clients to help them grow in a scalable and optimal way. TCI Cutting has been characterized by a clear orientation to R+D+i in order to develop the best industrial cutting solutions on the market for each client. With a 100% European manufacture of high-end products and solutions developed by its team of experts, it has subsidiaries in France, Germany and Poland, and also a network of highly prestigious distributors and sells to more than 28 countries. The constant effort and its 360º commitment to the clients has allowed TCI Cutting to have reference customers such as Navantia, General Electrics, Safran, Chanel, Naval Group, General Dynamics, TAI or Talgo, among others.
TCI Cutting has more than 20.00 m2 in its facilities in Valencia (Spain) distributed among others, in own manufacturing plants, industrial warehouses, machining, welding, painting, pre-assembly, assembly, R+D+i or workshops. The company is structured into ten strategic business units with a focus on next-generation solutions whose main aim is to develop the optimal tailored solution to meet  customer's expectations and guarantee their productivity increase.
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