Cement and dry-mix transporter for mining


The low-profile cement and dry-mix transporter for mining CEMKRET 8, with a transport capacity of 8,25 tons, is useful for underground mining operations with an on-site concrete plant. Due to the four electric vibrators and the capacity of the two discharging augers, the time needed to unload the material is reduced to a minimum.

The 6-cylinder, 130 kW (174 HP) engine provides great climbing and driving power, as well as the possibility to use the equipment at great height. The Diesel engine has an AAC (Automatic Altitude Compensation) system that enables its operation at high altitude offering the same performance. A compact design with state-of-the-art axles, both directional and powered, offers great mobility and maneuverability through galleries and tunnels with small cross sections.

In order to guarantee full safety during down slope routes CEMKRET 8 includes an automatic speed regulation system, which allows traveling at full load with total safety as well as a combination of service brakes in both axles multidisc in oil bath and a hydrostatic holding system ensuring a safe and speedy transport.   

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