Diesel engine Concrete mixers
  • Diesel engine Concrete mixers

Concrete mixer with Diesel engine

Diesel engine concrete mixers - perfect mixing, high output, high returns.


- The drum is driven by a crown wheel and runs on head-treated rollers.

- Gear reducer unit in oil bath, carburized hardened steel drive pinion.

- Fitted on permanently greased sealed bearings.

- Exact-measure water dose with stop cock and additional hose for daily cleaning.

- Centralized fault-proof electrical control unit.

- Hydraulic elevation of the loader. Heavy-duty cylinder with hard chrome-platted rood.

- Scrapper with sealed button and 24 V. tension for maximum safety.

- The diesel model UTI-450 D, can be used in worksites within or without electric wiring´s installation due to its diesel motor

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