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Hydraulic hammers

Trasteel Tech by Demoter hydraulic hammers

Trasteel Tech by Demoter hydraulic hammers have a mono-block body, from the S65 model to the new S550, which offers superior resistance to leverage efforts during work.

All Trasteel tech hammers work with recovery of inertial nitrogen energy. The head gas prints up to 40% more power on the pointer at each stroke and reduces the tension on the excavator arm.

The particular monobloc construction, associated with the closed housing box and the insertion of sound-absorbing material, allows it to achieve very low noise levels for a hydraulic hammer.

The new S series accepts high return pressure values. It also demands a flow rate of oil lower than of most hydraulic hammers, which reduces the requirement for the excavator, saving fuel and maintenance.

Thanks to their innovative designs, these hammers give the operator greater visibility, allowing a greater work area and operating closer to the walls.

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