Multi Service Tank Vehicle
  • Multi Service Tank Vehicle

Multi-Service Tanks Vehicles

We build a range of "Multi-Service Tanks vehicles" that have been designed for the one-site delivery to Machinery and Vehicles of all the necessary fluids.

The vehicle has several compartments for the transport of diesel, lube oils, coolant/antifreeze fluid, water for pressure cleaning, grease and used oils.

The system can also be fitted with pumps for fuel, lube oil, grease and coolant delivery with meters, a high-pressure water cleaning pump, suction pump for used oils, and a high performance air compressor with the desired air tank size.

We also provide ample storage space for filters, spare parts and other items.

Several mounting options are available to suit the needs of the user and/or the work site.

This type of equipment is particularly useful in Mining or Construction sites, the heavy machinery and vehicles can be supplied without the need of moving outside the worksite. This improves equipment disponibility, that implies a sizeable reduction of operating costs.


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